I know I haven't mentioned it much here, Baby Bugg was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome. She is pretty lucky, in that she's only missing the fingers on her left hand. Because of this, she is a patient at the Shrine Hospital in Salt Lake. Her first visit was in January of '09 - which you can read about in my old blog - here!

This year, we waited and went in August. (Now, 2 months later I'm finally getting all my pictures together to tell about our adventure! No one can call me a procrastinator. *giggle* )

I loaded up my little Buggmobile and packed down for a 12 hour drive, just Baby Bugg and me! At least it was an absolutely beautiful drive through the Rockies!! And once we finally got to Utah, we went exploring! I've been to Salt Lake dozens of times, but I always saw it from a truck. So I was excited to have the Buggmobile and be able to explore more of the city. Our first stop was Temple Square, downtown! It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

This morning, we were up by 7 and out the door by 8:30 to go grab breakfast (at Denny's) and be to the Shrine Hospital by 10:30.

It took about 20 minutes to check in, since we hadn't been in 18 months! We had to answer your basic "New Patient" questions. Including a health history.

Then they quickly came to get us to take Baby Bugg for an Xray.

They gave her a Baby-Doll dressed in a hospital gown, and told her that she would do everything to the Doll they were going to do to her. (Genius!! They do this with kids before surgery too, how cool is that? Those kids get to pick the material for the hospital gown and everything!)

So in the X-Ray room, they had Baby Bugg take a picture of the Baby first. Then it was her turn, they took several photos of her left hand, and then the tech was leaving to do whatever X-Ray techs do in the "other room" Baby Bugg yelled "HEY!" really loud, and waved her right hand at the lady before putting her hand on the X-Ray table. LOL!!!

After the X-Ray we went to an exam room, where we waited for the doctor. (And Bugg continued to play with her baby! The hospital is great about letting kids explore and play. A nurse was showing her how to lay her baby on the table, etc.)

After about ten minutes, the Doctor (Doctor W) came in! She is such a fun lady, in another life she must have done something with children, because she is so great with them.

She had Baby Bugg wiggle her hand for her, and show her how she plays with toys. How she eats with a fork, etc. To get some idea of how she uses her hands.


Above is a photo of Baby Bugg's Xray, and below that is a normal x-ray of a Toddlers hand. (So you can compare)

Basically, she has a regular palm of her hand, but the finger joints never formed. Her thumb is "empty" as far as any bones/joints/etc goes. She does have feeling in it, and may even have a muscle so as she gets older she *may* be able to wiggle it a little bit. But, it will never be functional.

Doctor W. did say that we could at somepoint chose to remove the little thumb nubbin, if it causes pain or if Bugg prefers for some reason. But for now, she recommends leaving it as it is. Especially since she uses it as a comfort mechanism by sucking/chewing on it sometimes.

We left, with plenty of information and a reminder that we should come back in about 18 months for a follow up visit. That they would like to see her every 18 months or so until Puberty.

After our visit, Baby Bugg spent another half hour playing with the toys and statues in the hospital, before we headed home!

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