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Taking a Moment

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Sometimes I just need to take a few minutes, to take in my surroundings, to remember that in the end everything will work out.

My life is a bit stressful lately, and some days being the Mom to a 2 year old, while my husband is away can just break me down. 

Luckily, serene moments like a sunset on the lake help me to remember what it's all about. 

I am constantly taking pictures. And the only way I'm EVER in any, is if I set the camera up somewhere and take it myself. A few  years ago, I even did Project 365 - a year of Self Portraits. (HERE is my entire year in self-portraits!)

This weekend while we were taking our walk, Baby Bugg showed just how closely she pays attention to everything I'm doing!

First, she found a 'Camera' (this pinecone worked well!)

Next, she found the perfect location to set her camera.

Then she quickly ran and posed. (This is a maneuver that I have perfected over the years and I'm pretty proud of her ability!) 

Finally, she ran back to her camera to check the photo and be sure that the photo turned out!

I just couldn't quit giggling at this! (And I'm so glad I had my camera to capture it!)

September 19th – 25th
Some of these shots taken with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi

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Aside from being Mama Bugg to an adorable Baby Bugg, I am also Aunt Bugg to 4 crazy little boys, and 1 super cute little girl. And last weekend, I got to experience all of them together for the first time EVER! On such an occasion, there was one item that MUST be completed. A photo. Of all the kids. All six.

So I was given this wonderful task. (Note: sarcasm.)

Don't get me wrong... I love these kids. I love rolling on the grass with them. I love playing baseball with them. I love running around the zoo with them. But making them sit still and smile for a photo? All of them??

Perhaps I should show you what I had to work with?

These two certainly don't look ready to sit still!

What about this little guy? Think he'll put he bat down long enough?

And this cute little girl? I don't think I can pry her from the dog...

But, I'll give it a try... I promise.

Everybody ready? OK, say "Batman Boogers!"

You gotta be creative... LOL! "Sat Cheese" doesn't work anymore. It just makes them hungry.

3... 2... 1...

No, no. It's all wrong. Let's try again!

This time? Say "Grandpa Smells!"

That's much, MUCH better. Not quite perfect, but no on is  screaming. No one is crying. No one is making faces.

Still? I think I'll frame the first one.

PhotoStory Friday
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After a long blogging vacation, I've decided it's time to jump right back in! However, I also decided I need to start fresh. (And remain a bit more anonymous, for my own sanity!)

Baby Bugg has been having a nasty bout of the Terrible Two's! It sneaks up on me, slowly. But when it hits, it hits hard. And there is no saving me. 

She's the worst the day or two after her Dad takes off, and yesterday was one of those days. He left for another 3 weeks out on the road, and she definitely decided to share her feelings about that with everyone around.

In a desperate attempt to salvage everyone's sanity, I took her for a nice long walk. It was a beautiful afternoon, and the next few days predict thunderstorms so I thought it was perfect! And it worked, for awhile. 

But then, all hell broke loose. 

The neighbors have a little girl too. And today, they forgot to pick up some of her toys when they left the house. So there were a few toys out in the yard. Baby Bugg immediately abandoned her stroller (but not without grabbing her baby) and ran towards the wayward toys. Stopping only to yell "I want it!" 

From there on? It was all downhill... 

(WW) Wiiiii!!

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A Fresh Start

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For some, this is a new beginning. For some, a reunion. But either way, welcome!

I decided to with a new blog. A new name. A new start.  I used to Blog about my Baby Bugg (previously known as Wuzzle) but our life has been a roller coaster in the past year, and I thought I needed something new and fresh. Something more anonymous as well. 

So here it goes! A fresh start for the Bugg Family!

(Check out our "Meet The Buggs" page for more info!)

Baby Bugg and her Bands

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Baby Bugg was born (much to our surprise) with Amniotic Band Syndrome. Despited multiple ultrasounds during my pregnancy, we had no idea that our little girl would be born without fingers on her left hand. Nor did we have any idea how lucky we were that her amputation is so minor! 

At this point in her life, the trials we have faced are few. But, I know they are coming. And I'm sure as you follow this journey you will experience them with us.

Baby Bugg is a patient at the Shriners Hospital, where we make an annual trek to Salt Lake City Utah to visit with a specialist. At this point we do not participate in therapy of any kind, and she does not wear a prosthetic. However, those things could very well be in her future.

A few of my favorite ABS-Related links:
Sammy's Friends: A great Yahoo! community for parents of children with limb differences.
Super Hands: This was the first ABS related website I visited, when Bugg was just a little baby. It gave me lots of great information, and some of the "Heroes" are truly inspiring.
5 Minutes for Special Needs: A general Special Needs Site, but great info!
Born Just Right: One of my favorite Blogs - Haylee is an adorable little girl born with ABS!
Little Hand, Big Heart: Another of my favorite ABS Blogs!

Meet The Buggs

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Hi! I'm Mama Bugg! 

I'm a Stay-At-Home Mom to Baby Bugg, a former truck driver and an hobby photographer. 

I love to hike through the mountains, read a good book and cheer on the Husker Football team! I can usually be found at my kitchen table, with something in the oven. I love the Boston Red Sox, Peanut Butter Cookies and Country Music. I also enjoy crochet projects, and our collection of afghans is getting too big! (I should probably give a few away as gifts!!) 

This is Baby Bugg! The light of my life. 

While she is currently testing the Terrible Two's, she's generally an awesome kid!! 

She loves to go for hikes, ride her bike and push her Baby in the stroller. Story Time at the local library is one of her favorite past-times, and she's always up for an adventure! (Especially if it involved a trip into the mountains.) You always know when she's around, usually because she's singing "Twinkle Twinkle" or the ABC's! 

Then there's Papa Bugg. He's a truck driver, and a self-proclaimed "Gear Head" who likes Heavy Metal and Horror Movies. 

When he's home, he can usually be found in the garage, or out finding racing around town on his motorcycle. 

Our family wouldn't be complete without Kitty Bugg! She joined our family last Christmas, as an adoption from the local shelter. She is kind enough to put up with Baby Bugg, Cuddle with Mama Bugg and attack the feet of Papa Bugg. We love her!

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