Aside from being Mama Bugg to an adorable Baby Bugg, I am also Aunt Bugg to 4 crazy little boys, and 1 super cute little girl. And last weekend, I got to experience all of them together for the first time EVER! On such an occasion, there was one item that MUST be completed. A photo. Of all the kids. All six.

So I was given this wonderful task. (Note: sarcasm.)

Don't get me wrong... I love these kids. I love rolling on the grass with them. I love playing baseball with them. I love running around the zoo with them. But making them sit still and smile for a photo? All of them??

Perhaps I should show you what I had to work with?

These two certainly don't look ready to sit still!

What about this little guy? Think he'll put he bat down long enough?

And this cute little girl? I don't think I can pry her from the dog...

But, I'll give it a try... I promise.

Everybody ready? OK, say "Batman Boogers!"

You gotta be creative... LOL! "Sat Cheese" doesn't work anymore. It just makes them hungry.

3... 2... 1...

No, no. It's all wrong. Let's try again!

This time? Say "Grandpa Smells!"

That's much, MUCH better. Not quite perfect, but no on is  screaming. No one is crying. No one is making faces.

Still? I think I'll frame the first one.

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  1. Carrie and Troy Keiser // September 24, 2010 at 2:51 PM  

    That first group shot tells the real story for sure!

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