Baby Bugg and her Bands

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Baby Bugg was born (much to our surprise) with Amniotic Band Syndrome. Despited multiple ultrasounds during my pregnancy, we had no idea that our little girl would be born without fingers on her left hand. Nor did we have any idea how lucky we were that her amputation is so minor! 

At this point in her life, the trials we have faced are few. But, I know they are coming. And I'm sure as you follow this journey you will experience them with us.

Baby Bugg is a patient at the Shriners Hospital, where we make an annual trek to Salt Lake City Utah to visit with a specialist. At this point we do not participate in therapy of any kind, and she does not wear a prosthetic. However, those things could very well be in her future.

A few of my favorite ABS-Related links:
Sammy's Friends: A great Yahoo! community for parents of children with limb differences.
Super Hands: This was the first ABS related website I visited, when Bugg was just a little baby. It gave me lots of great information, and some of the "Heroes" are truly inspiring.
5 Minutes for Special Needs: A general Special Needs Site, but great info!
Born Just Right: One of my favorite Blogs - Haylee is an adorable little girl born with ABS!
Little Hand, Big Heart: Another of my favorite ABS Blogs!


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